How to Give Sexual Stimulation Through Taste?

Answer The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek name Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of sensuality and love. So if you're looking to give sexual stimulation through taste, then choose foods and flavours tha... Read More »

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How to Give a Good Sexual Massage?

Maybe your partner has a bad neck or back. Maybe you just want an excuse to do something a little crazy. Either way a sexual massage is a great way to please. It can be fun and have many real benef... Read More »

How much DNA does each parent give to its offspring in sexual reproduction?

In sexual reproduction each parent donates 50 percent of his or her DNA to the offspring. During the lifetime of a sexually reproducing organism some of the somatic cells go through the process of ... Read More »

Is it safe to give sexual enhancing pills to a diabetic person?

Only with the advice of the doctor. It depends partly on whether or not there are any complicating factors with the diabetes.

Give me 5 songs that show how diverse your music taste is?

Oh bloody hell. I am so going to fail at this....Lady Gaga - TelephoneDeicide - Homage For SatanDBSK - Rising SunTupac - Dear MamaMinor Threat - Straight EdgeI tried!BQ - Tattooed Millionaire - Bru... Read More »