How to Give Physical Attention to Your Girlfriend?

Answer Wanna know the way to kiss her just right, so she'll be hooked on your kisses or touches forever? (For teens)

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Physical Activity and How to Increase Attention Span?

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Any opinion i can get, please My girlfriend is really worrying me to the point of physical pain.?

I know exactly where your coming from. If she is flirting with someone else right in front of you is a real bad thing.. It shows she doesn't have much respect for you. I know how it is, and how har... Read More »

Attention Moms, do not give any personal info to this user!!!?

Thanks for the heads up Becks. I have blocked both accounts. I am glad i saw this because i have not been spending much time on here lately and probably would of fallen victim to this loser.Love Ke... Read More »

Why is it important to listen children and give them thee full attention when listening to them?

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