How to Give Physical Attention to Your Girlfriend?

Answer Wanna know the way to kiss her just right, so she'll be hooked on your kisses or touches forever? (For teens)

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If your ex has sole physical custody but you are entitled to having your kids spend the night once a week can that be taken away because you live with your girlfriend and she doesnt approve?

AnswerThere has to be a reason she doesn't approve. Either the girlfriend is not someone your ex feels the children should be around , or she is jealous. In which she will need to move on. As long ... Read More »

How can you give the grandparents limited powers to enroll your son in school or provide medical attention?

%DETAILS% Answer Power of attorney and guardiansguo for a limited time.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is diabetic, and your not, can they give you something, or anythingg?

DM is not contagious. If they have athlete's foot, then yes you could catch it if you both walk in the same wet shower. If they have strep throat of a staph infection then yes you could catch it,... Read More »

How to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday?

Okay, so it's your girlfriend's birthday. Oh no! What are you going to get her? It's really quite easy, and here's one way you can give her a birthday she'll never forget!