How to Give New Life to a Faded Wicker Basket?

Answer Baskets are so utilitarian. We’ve all used wicker or grapevine or other types of woven wood baskets as planters, bread servers, magazine holders, to package gifts, or as simple accessories in our... Read More »

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What is a wicker basket?

A wicker basket is a basket constructed out of interlaced sticks, osiers, or twigs. The most frequent types of wood used in wicker baskets are willow, rattan, cane, bamboo and reed.Source:Dictionar... Read More »

How do I clean a wicker basket?

DustingRemove dust buildup in and on your wicker baskets by brushing baskets with a feather duster or your vacuum cleaner. Attach the drapery attachment to your vacuum, for cleaning without damagin... Read More »

Can I keep a wicker basket inside the refrigerator?

It would be ok but i wouldn't put boiled eggs in a wicker basket cause it will absorb liquids and likely start to stink after a while.

How to Dye a Wicker Basket With Natural Ingredients?

Humans have used berries, nuts, seeds and roots to dye fabrics and other materials for centuries. Even insects, like the cochineal bug, have been used. While natural dyes are mainly utilized on fab... Read More »