How to Give Nails Square Tips?

Answer Square tips on nails are very popular with anyone who likes the look of a French manicure. Not only are square tips fashionable, but they make your manicure last longer and they make your nails str... Read More »

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How to File Your Nails for a Square Cut?

Nail shape is largely a matter of personal preference. Properly done, there is no difference in the strength of squared nails versus arched nails. However, squared nails may be less likely to snag ... Read More »

How to Make Your Nails Square?

Square nails compliment all hands. If you have long thin fingers, shaping your nails square can prevent them from looking longer. You can shape your nails into a square with artificial, natural, lo... Read More »

How many nails do you need per square foot for hardwood floors?

For hardwood floors, estimate approximately three nails per square foot. This is a general approximation, and can be one nail per 6-foot plank, or two nails if the planks are 7 to 8 feet.Source:Tin... Read More »

LCD Performance Tips - Give me 3 Quick Tips To Get The Most from my LCD Monitor?

1. LCD monitors have only one optimal resolution -- the highest. Keep the color mode at 32 bits to prevent dithering.2. If your graphic card and monitor have VGA and DVI outputs then always use the... Read More »