How to Give Injections to Horses?

Answer Were you needing to give your equine friend a shot? Don't know where to start? read this article for help then.

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Who Is Licensed to Give Botox Injections?

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Can you give cinnamon to horses to eat?

Cinnamon can be fed to horses in small quantities, according to Rutgers University Extension; however, it will give a positive drug test. Some owners of horses with Cushing's disease have used cinn... Read More »

Having diabetes, age 73, should my nurse continue to give me insulin injections when my sugars are below 60?

If what you're saying is true, the nurse should be getting the injections. (I know that's pretty mean, but I think it's justified)

How to Give Horses Liquid Medications?

Giving medications and/or herbs to horses can be a real challenge! Not only are they big, but they can be strong and stubborn. But with a little ingenuity & preparation, this can easily be conquered.