How to Give Effective Praise in the Classroom?

Answer The most effective classroom praise increases students' confidence and motivates them to perform well. As an educator, providing effective praise is key to creating a classroom environment that bal... Read More »

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Reasons for Praise in the Classroom?

Positive praise can have a behavioral impact and is a way for educators to provide feedback to students. Praise can help build a child's self-satisfaction while improving a child's overall self-est... Read More »

How to Give Praise?

Every, single one of us, at least at some point in our lives, adores praise! We love it! It's not having to brag and a true reason to feel confident and good all rolled into one. It's exceptionally... Read More »

How to Give Praise Instead of Criticism?

Is your first reaction to something to criticize? Are you ever ready to pull down other people's tower of cards, to lop the tall poppies? Does criticizing sum up your personality? If you answered y... Read More »

What does William Shakespear mean you will praise any man that will praise me?

Actually, Shakespeare's line is "I will praise any man who will praise me" and occurs in Act II Scene 6 of Antony and Cleopatra. Enobarbus, one of Antony's men, is talking to Menas, one of Pompey's... Read More »