How to Give Cats Liquid Medicine?

Answer CatsIf your cat has to take medications and they are in capsule or tablet form, it is best to grind them up and mix it in with their food in some cases. However, if it is a liquid form, it should b... Read More »

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How to Pretend to Take Liquid Medicine?

It's best to take your medicine if you really are sick because it makes you feel betterSo, you've tried faking sick, but now you're in a pinch. Your parents want you to take some disgusting medicin... Read More »

POLL: Does liquid medicine expire?

YES - Amoxicillin in suspension form (liquid) does expire, and relatively quickly. Any antiobiotic that is suspended in a liquid should generally be refrigerated and has a shelf life of about 14-2... Read More »

Can Frontline flea medicine be used on cats?

Frontline, Cats and Frontline Plus, Cats are topical flea medications that are designed specifically for cats. Avoid using Frontline products that are designed for dogs on a cat, as the medication ... Read More »

Tapeworm Medicine Side-Effects for Cats?

Cats can suffer from a number of internal parasites, and tapeworms are actually one of the easier parasites to treat. Tapeworms are spread by fleas and may grow to 60 centimeters in the small intes... Read More »