How to Give Back Correct Change?

Answer Be as confident and proud while returning correct change, as if you worked in retail!

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Can a mother in Tenn. give up her legal rights to a child at time of birth to a relative without going to court or contacting a judge and how long does she have to change mind if she wants it back?

Aaliyah Mother name is Diane Haughton. Aaliyah's mother was a vocalist

If you give up your baby for open adoption can you change your mind and get your baby back?

No, with adoptions you have no right to get the baby back. An open adoption means you will see the child and get pics and updates. Also open adoptions are not legally enforceable. Once the papers a... Read More »

What is the correct way to give a flu shot?

IM {intramuscular @ a 90 degree angle} into the deltoid muscle (for an adult) 23 gauge 1 inch needle

Can you correct a hunch back that has just begun to develop?

The sooner you see a chiropractor the better, and follow it up with a sports/stretching program.