How to Give Away Unwanted Presents?

Answer Have you ever received a gift that you don't necessarily like or you already have it? Have you ever thought of giving it to someone else, but didn't know how to do it? Here's how!

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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Presents?

Gifts -- whether it's Christmas, birthdays, or a special occasion, we all had a gift that we preferred not getting or ended up tossing somewhere that we wouldn't have to see it or forgotten about i... Read More »

How to Give Presents to Friends at School Secretly?

At school, chances are that you are not allowed to bring in presents to give to people other than secret Santa (if you do it at your school). Or, perhaps you are allowed but are giving presents to ... Read More »

How to Give Friends and Family Great Christmas Presents With Little or No Shopping?

Finding gifts without shopping can be easy if you are creative. You can give great presents to loved ones with a little effort.

As a sister what would you do if your brother's wife interfere in your business - give unwanted advice and pass comment on you but you can't tell her anything in a fear of losing your loving brother?

Tell her "I'm sorry but I don't want or need these comments, this is my business and you have your own to worry about like my brother."If she doesn't like it she'll have to get over it.