How to Get to the Third Star on the First World of "New Super Mario Brothers"?

Answer In "New Super Mario Bros.," three Star Coins are hidden in every level. You must collect each of these Star Coins to fully complete the level. Star Coins are also used to buy hints that can help yo... Read More »

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How to Get the Last Star Coin in "Super Mario Bros. Wii" World 1-4?

"Super Mario Bros. Wii" is a remake of the classic "Super Mario Bros." for the Super Nintendo console. Although your objective is to destroy the enemies, manuver through the obstacles and reach the... Read More »

Can you beat the World 7 castle in"New Super Mario Bros. DS"with Mega Mario?

Yes, you can beat the castle of World 7 in "New Super Mario Bros. DS" by using a Mega Mushroom. Obtain the mushroom from Mega Toad's house north of stage 7-1 and save it until you get to the castle... Read More »

How to Get Super Mario Brothers and Pac Man for Nintendo Wii?

Do you want to play Pac man and Super Mario Bros? Well you can! It is really fun and easy!

Cheats for New Super Mario Brothers DS?

"New Super Mario Bros." for the Nintendo DS is an upgraded version of the classic title. While the game cannot be beaten with simple cheats, you can use cheat codes to enhance the game or earn extr... Read More »