How to Get to the Sunyshore City on Pokemon Pearl NDS?

Answer Sunyshore City is the location of your eighth and final gym badge in the "Pokémon Pearl" game. You can see the entrance to the road to Sunyshore when you visit Valor Lakefront near Pastoria City, ... Read More »

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How to Go to Sunyshore City in "Pokemon Diamond"?

In "Pokemon Diamond," Sunyshore City is a solar-powered community in southeast Sinnoh. The city is home to many sights, including the Vista Lighthouse and Sunyshore Market; however, the most import... Read More »

What Pokemon is number 114 in the Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

Number 114 in the Pokemon Pearl Pokedex is Tangela, a grass-type Pokemon. Its face is hidden by the blue vines that surround it, and it evolves into Tangrowth, Number 465 in the Pokedex.Source:Poke... Read More »

How to Evolve Certain Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?

Are you tired of trying to find that Magnezone you have been hearing about? Are you sick and tired of not having an awesome Vespiquen like the Elite Fours'? Do you want an Electivire like your frie... Read More »

How to Raise Pokemon Easily in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

This is a very simple tutorial on how to easily level up your Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl!