How to Get to the Mine Place in "MapleStory"?

Answer The online game MapleStory contains a Dead Mine area where players can hunt and attack Miner Zombies. Miner Zombies provide over 2,500 experience points and can drop items such as scrolls, mastery ... Read More »

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How to Mine Red Dust in "Mine Craft"?

"Minecraft" is a computer game that combines elements of survival, action and customization. Players can actively reshape and add to their environment by mining through mountainsides and building h... Read More »

How to mine gravel on Mine craft?

What does FTW mean& MapleStory?

Gaming jargon can be confusing: There are general terms used by many gamers, and words specific to each game. The letters FTW form a generally universal acronym, meaning "For The Win." It is most ... Read More »

How to Get to FoG in "MapleStory"?

In the online role-playing game "MapleStory," FoG stands for the Forest of Golem. It is an area of the game where you can find golems to fight against. You can also find items and resources that ca... Read More »