How to Get to the Firewall Master Cylinder on a Ford F-150?

Answer The master cylinder on your Ford F-150 model develops the necessary pressure in the brake system to slow or stop your truck. However, worn or damaged pistons, valves, cups or housing may leak, stop... Read More »

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How to Remove a Firewall Master Clutch Cylinder From a Ford F150?

The master clutch cylinder of your Ford F-150 truck is an important part of your truck's clutch pedal system. If you find that the accelerator or brake pedals are providing too much or too little r... Read More »

How to Get to a Ford Clutch's Master Cylinder?

The master cylinder for the hydraulic clutch release mechanism on a standard transmission is located to the left and a little lower than the power brake booster. There is one hydraulic line attache... Read More »

How to Change the Master Cylinder on a Ford F-250?

Ford equipped the F-250 truck's brake system with a dual-piston master cylinder. The master cylinder consists of a fluid reservoir and a cylinder body. The reservoir holds brake fluid for use by th... Read More »

How to Replace a Ford F-150 Master Brake Cylinder?

The master cylinder is a vital part of the braking system. This device is responsible for sending the necessary hydraulic fluid through your brake lines and powering your calipers when you apply th... Read More »