How to Get to the Bottom of the Pool by Diving?

Answer Everybody wants to get to the bottom of a pool at one point or another. Whether it's to impress friends, win a bet, or just for fun, you WILL be able to after reading this article.

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How deep does a swimming pool need to be for a diving board?

According to the "Red Cross Water Safety Instructor's Manual" for 2009, the water in a swimming pool should be 11 feet, 6 inches deep if the diving board is 1 meter above the water . However, divin... Read More »

How deep does a gunite pool without a diving board need to be?

Well, probably a minimum of 4' to 5' but can go to what ever depth you can attain. That min. depth is so that you do not touch the bottom of the pool if you are doing laps in a lap pool. Answer I... Read More »

Swimming Pool Diving Board Regulations for Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, where summer can be hot and humid, many people enjoy swimming to cool off. With many indoor swimming pools available, people also enjoy swimming year-round. Diving is an aspect of swi... Read More »

What do you if your farm liability company will not insure your pool because it has a diving board?