How to Get to the BIOS Screen?

Answer It is very easy to get into the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) of your computer. The BIOS stores information about the hardware on your computer for use when booting.

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No BIOS screen in monitor?

How are you connecting the screen? Could be a dodgy HDMI cable or if you're using a mini display port adaptor, if it's a cheap $7 passive one and not a $40 active one then you may not get anything ... Read More »

No BIOS/POST (black screen)?

You have something set wrong in your BIOS setup. The reason it will work after a few reboots is that the BIOS, after a failed boot, will go into "safe" mode and ignore your settings. This is to get... Read More »

How do I access a BIOS screen on an HP computer?

Boot ProcessTurn on your HP computer if it is currently off. If your computer is currently on, restart it by clicking "Start," and then "Restart."HP LogoWatch for the HP computer logo to appear ons... Read More »

How to Edit a PK5 Asus BIOS Screen?

The Asus PK5 motherboard is a midrange desktop motherboard released by Asus in 2008. It is highly customizable, and boasts a good level of compatibility across many types of peripherals. Editing th... Read More »