How to Get to World 5 on Banjo Kazzoie Nuts and Bolts?

Answer first just to say the game is cool. buy it only for XBOX360

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How do nuts go on bolts?

Nuts and bolts are two of the most common hardware fastening elements, and they often go together. Indeed, they are made for each other, with the threads of a bolt meant to intertwine and lock with... Read More »

Can lag bolts use nuts?

Lag bolts have the head of a bolt with the shaft and thread of a heavy screw. Since they have a point and very coarse thread meant to pull the bolt into wood, they do not accept nuts like standard ... Read More »

How to Fasten Nuts and Bolts?

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how nuts and bolts go together. Here's how to work out the right way to fasten and loosen them.

How to Free Seized Nuts & Bolts?

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