How to Get to Level Five in "Legends of Zork"?

Answer Legends of Zork is an online game that is massively multi-player and browser based. Players receive 30 turns per day (more can be purchased) that can be used to perform actions and accomplish tasks... Read More »

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How to Get Past the Bat in Zork?

The giant vampire bat guards the entrance to the coal mine in the first Zork game. It will grab you and carry you all the way into the mine no matter from which direction you enter its room. You'll... Read More »

How to Play Zork?

Zork is a text based computer game that runs on MS-DOS. It is considered to be one of the early ancestors of today's interactive role playing video games.Here are the steps on how to play Zork.

What do you think about the novel When the Legends Die?

When The Legends Die is an extraordinary tale of a young native American boy's struggle to find himself, and to find his place in the world. It shows many superb examples of native American struggl... Read More »

How to Play War of Legends?

War of Legends is a MMORPG strategy game. To do this game, you need strategy -- and some luck.