How to Get to Know Your Audience (Even if You Think There's No Time)?

Answer Every speaker knows that the best public speakers are the ones who truly know their audience. But what can you do if there doesn’t seem to be any time or method for learning about your audience a... Read More »

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Which president shifted the time of the state of the union from midday to evening to attract a larger television audience?

There was a hip-hop song on ESPN's college football live. It's your time it's our time it's my time get out of the way it's crunch time don't waste time. Who sings it?

How to Know Your Audience?

You've heard the phrase "know your audience" but do you know how to do that? Of course it means to know who is in your audience, what their general preferences are, to know different ways to relate... Read More »

How to Work an Audience?

If you're in a big group of people or something and the focus is on you. Don't worry you can get through it. Here's how.