How to Get to Crandor in RuneScape?

Answer Crandor is a small island located north of Karamja. Home to many monsters and NPCs, it is the focal point of several quests. In order to travel to Crandor, you need to have completed the "Dragon Sl... Read More »

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How to Get to Crandor if I Die Doing Dragon Slayer?

In the online game of "RuneScape," players can attempt quests to receive rewards and access to special areas. The Dragon Slayer quest is the hardest quest available for free-to-play players and is ... Read More »

How to Get a Pet on RuneScape?

This ability is for members only. Have you ever wanted to have a pet or animal with you? Read this if you want a Dalmatian, kitten, or other animal following you around.

How to Law Run in RuneScape?

As most players of RuneScape know, the infamous update of January 2nd, 2008 has completely destroyed most services in the game such as Air/Nature/Law Running. This up-to-date Guide will show you mo... Read More »

How to Bot in RuneScape?

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