How to Get to Class Quicker?

Answer Crowded hallways, narrow hallways, big campus' all can effect you from getting to class quick, but every problem always has a solution if you think hard enough.

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How can i get my braces off quicker?

fallow all the rules the orthodontist gives you! Wear your rubber bands (if you have them) and don't ever forget to wear your retainer because I am sure you don't want braces again!

Is it quicker to convert Mod to AVI or Mod to wmv?

Try MP4-Converter: is the next generation easy-to-use software that converts just about any video and audio file that can be played on your computer.Extremel... Read More »

How to dry nailpolish quicker?

Use a quick drying polish like seche vite about a minute after you apply the last coat of colour. It will make all the layers dry to the touch in 5 minutes and undentable in 10-15. Also, nail polis... Read More »

How do you get drunk quicker?

Drink on an empty stomach. Also, we used to add pure msg to our beer whenever we were short on money. It got us properly drunk after three or four cans each.