How to Get to Black Thorn City in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Answer In "Pokemon SoulSiiver," players embark on a journey through the world of Pokemon in hopes of becoming a Pokemon champion. Through battling gym leaders and trainers, catching Pokemon and completing... Read More »

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How to Catch the Pokemon Past the Whirlpool in "Pokemon: Soul Silver"?

One of the most difficult challenges in "Pokemon SoulSilver" takes place on an island that you reach by crossing a whirlpool. After completing the main storyline of the game, players cross the whir... Read More »

How to Get Dusclops in "Pokemon Soul Silver"?

In the "Pokemon" series, Dusclops is a one-eyed creature that can absorb objects into its hollow body. In battle, this Pokemon uses tricky attacks, such as Shadow Sneak, Pursuit and Confuse Ray, to... Read More »

In "Pokemon Soul Silver" How Do I Get Plates?

In "Pokemon SoulSilver," you can obtain 16 Plate items. Each Plate boosts one of the elemental attack-types in the game. For example, when held by a Pokemon, the Meadow Plate adds power to the user... Read More »

How to Restart Pokemon Soul Silver and Heartgold?

Here's how to restart Pokemon SoulSilver or HeartGold.(This may apply to D/P/Pt)