How to Get the Werewolf Look?

Answer How to feel free at school and pretend that you're on all-fours in an open prairie. A style for those who seek freedom and scragginess rolled into one, basically a werewolf, in human form.

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How to Act Like a Werewolf?

Do you want to act like a werewolf (not a wolf man or Twilight Saga werewolf)? Follow these instructions!

How to Play Werewolf Tag?

Werewolf Tag is a fun game to play at night, with the right amount of players and time beforehand.

How to Play Werewolf in IRC?

Werewolf is a popular online game, based on the game 'Mafia'. It's fun, and can be a little addictive. It can also be a little hard to get the hang of, so this article will show you how to play thi... Read More »

How to Write a Werewolf Novel?

Writing a werewolf novel should be a little easy & a little hard. You'll need to research a lot of myths, legends & truths that are about these supernatural creatures.