How to Get the Teacher to Call on You when Your Hand Is Raised in Class?

Answer If you'd like the teacher to pick you when your hand is raised because you really know the answer to a question in class, and you know it will improve your confidence, average, acknowledgment in cl... Read More »

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How to Listen to Your iPod in Class Without Your Teacher Knowing when Wearing a Short Sleeved T Shirt (for Girls)?

We all find class boring and need a bit of music to lighten up the day. But we all know it's detention if we get caught. Read on to get the know how on how to listen to music.

How to Beat Your Gym Teacher to Class?

Ok, now your teacher lets you out late from their class and now you have 2 minutes to get to gym before the gym teacher is there. It seems tough but if you follow these tips you can find a way.

How to Get Your English Teacher to Use wikiHow As a Class Project?

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How do you listen to your ipod in class without the teacher finding out?

First of all, don't listen to your ipod in maths, english, science .etc. Because you need those lessons and your teacher will be really mad if they find out. Subjects like art, DT, Form room .etc. ... Read More »