How to Get the Taste of Cigarettes Out of Your Mouth?

Answer You surely know that cigarette breath isn't pleasant. People may even tell you that your breath smells like an ashtray. Even if you don't want to quit smoking, you probably don't enjoy the taste th... Read More »

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How do you get the metallic taste out of your mouth?

It depends what is causing the metallic taste, it can be caused by some medications, cavities in your teeth, acid reflux or heartburn. Using blocks under the head of your bed to lift the bed to a 1... Read More »

What causes a metal taste in your mouth?

Dysgeusia is a condition in which the taste inside your mouth changes to something foul and sour. An annoying and unpleasant sensation of something acidic, bitter and metallic in your mouth general... Read More »

Do braces cause a metallic taste in your mouth?

Yes, but only in certain people. The majority of people who get braces will not experience a metallic taste, but some may taste metal due to corrosion of the metal or certain medicines that may cau... Read More »

What causes a sulfur taste in your mouth?

AnswerBad breath is caused by Anaerobic Sulfur Producing Bacteria which normally live within the surface of the tongue and in the throat. These bacteria are supposed to be there, because they assis... Read More »