How to Get the Smoothest Ride With Leaf Springs?

Answer Leaf springs are the elongated components of the rear suspension system. They are designed to assist the rear shocks in absorbing any force -- instead of the rear of the vehicle absorbing the force... Read More »

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Which car gives the smoothest ride?

On One Hand: Lexus LS is BestConsumer Reports rates Lexus LS as the best overall car available in 2010. The car's comfort and reliability are nearly perfect, according to the organization's tests. ... Read More »

How to Take Apart Leaf Springs?

A leaf spring is a series of arced steel flat pieces that are bolted together and mounted to the rear suspension of a truck, trailer or similar vehicle to align the axle as well as provide load con... Read More »

How to Add Leaf Springs to a Chevy?

The leaf springs on a Chevrolet truck and SUV keep the rear axle aligned from front to back and side to side, as well as provide support to the rear of the truck. These springs establish the ride h... Read More »

How to Get the Leaf Springs Out of a Wrangler?

The leaf springs on a Jeep Wrangler keep the axle centered while simultaneously carrying the load for the vehicle. If you ever want to lift your Jeep, you need to remove the leaf springs from the s... Read More »