How to Get the Smell of Pickled Onion out of a Jar?

Answer If you want to reuse a jar that's had pickled onions in it, one sniff will be enough to warn you off. Yet, there is a way to remove the odour easily. Here's how.

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How do you get rid of the smell of onion?

rub lemon juice on them and then wash with warm water... don't use cold water as it locks in the smell!!

How to Get an Onion Smell Out of a Plastic Container?

A smelly plastic container can add onion aroma to anything you store in it. Rubbermaid suggests a procedure for removing odors from plastic containers that uses only inexpensive and readily availa... Read More »

How do I get this onion smell off of my hands?

A cheimical rxn occurs between detergent and stainless steel that neutralizes bad smells. So wash your hands w/ dish detergent (Dawn, Joy, whatever) and then while soapy, rub yoru hands and finger... Read More »

How to Remove Onion Smell from Pans?

Onion odour is tenacious and can spoil the next meal if it is still lingering in a pan. This article provides an easy way to remove the smell from pans.