How to Get the Secret Ending in Super Mario Galaxy?

Answer Would you believe there is actually a secret 121th Star?So, you beat the game. You're so happy! You got all 120 stars. But what if I tell you there is actually 121 stars? Yep! There is! How do you ... Read More »

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Cheats for the Secret Star in the Freezeflame Galaxy of "Super Mario Galaxy"?

Obtaining the secret star in the Freezeflame Galaxy level of Super Mario Galaxy involves a series of actions that require you to first advance far enough into the game to have access to the Freezef... Read More »

How to Unlock the Grand Finale Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy?

The Grand Finale Galaxy is the last level in Super Mario Galaxy. It is technically a secret galaxy. And the best part is - it's impossible to die in this galaxy! So enjoy this galaxy at your own pa... Read More »

How to Get Flying Mario in Super Mario Galaxy?

Have you ever wanted to fly around the Comet Observatory as Mario? But didn't know how? Then read on!

How to Play Super Mario Galaxy?

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