How to Get the Recommended Amount of Calcium?

Answer Most people need about 1000mg of Calcium a day. Teenagers and elderly people need a little more (between 1300 and 1500). There is rarely any point to consuming more than that, and in some people, c... Read More »

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What is the amount of calcium in 250ml of milk?

Skimmed - 322.5mgSemi Skimmed - 310mgWhole - 305mgSo skimmed milk is better for you, more calcium and less fat!

What amount of superheat is recommended for R-22?

Superheat depends on the type of metering device you are using in the equipment as well as the current state of the load. With a fixed orifice, the superheat will be high, about 20 to 30 degrees wh... Read More »

How many sit ups should I do daily A recommended amount.?

soreness is a good indication that your muscles are a bit torn. doing sit-ups daily will lead to injury, back and neck aches. if you want abs I say burn the fat all over your body to see those abs.... Read More »

Does taking verapramil calcium channel blocker or a calcium antagonist deplete calcium from blood Or taking c?

1) No it doesn't. They just block the entry of calcium into certain cells of the cardiovascular system.2) No