How to Get the Poke Flute in the Game "Pokemon Snap"?

Answer The Poke Flute is a special item in the Nintendo 64 adventure game "Pokemon Snap." The aim of the game is to take photos of various Pokemon in their natural habitat. The flute enables players to ge... Read More »

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How to Earn the Poke Flute on "Pokemon SoulSilver"?

In "Pokemon SoulSilver," you travel through the Johto region as you hunt, fight and capture various Pokemon species. One of these Pokemon is a sleeping Snorlax that blocks your path near Lavender T... Read More »

How to Get the Flute to Wake Up the Sleeping Pokemon?

"Pokemon: Red" and "Pokemon: Blue" were the same version of the Japanese role-playing game released in 1998 for the original Nintendo Gameboy. In the game, you play as a Pokemon trainer who capture... Read More »

How Do You Get the Man's Poke Ball in the Ice Path on "Pokemon HeartGold Version"?

As you progress through "Pokemon HeartGold Version," you will eventually come across an ice cave on your way to Blackthorn City. While in the cave, your goal is to recover a man's Poke Ball. Althou... Read More »

Who designed the poke the penguin game?

Poke the Penguin is an online game where players click on a penguin to poke it repeatedly. After being poked for a while, the penquin will attack your hand in a random fashion that changes each tim... Read More »