How to Get the Picture of the Thief on Counterfeit Island?

Answer Poptropica's "Counterfeit Island" features a mystery involving a stolen painting you'll be required to solve. A picture of the thief will help you find the culprit, but first you'll need to know wh... Read More »

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If your car is stolen from your driveway and the thief damages someone else's property while driving the car who is responsible Does your insurance have to pay for the damage that a thief caused?

Answer I'm pretty sure a lot of that depends on local laws, and also your insurance policy. I daresay you wouldn't have to fork out anything except your premiums for covering the cost of your car b... Read More »

How did Trent throw up in total drama island I saw a picture of him on his back eyes rolled blue-ish and throwing up.?

There are a few times he throws up but I think what your talking about is when they were doing different challenges (Like trapeze, Blind Taboggan Race, Rock Climb and all sorts of crazy stuff) and ... Read More »

How to Foil a Car Thief?

Some of the easiest ways to foil car thieves are obvious. Close the windows when you park, lock your door and take the keys. At home, park your car in a locked garage. These will deter casual theft... Read More »

How to Be Good at Thief 3?

Thief 3 is a very good game if you are good at it,otherwise it can be very annoying. Fear not people who can't sneak and k.o the city watch, this is for you!