How to Get the Perplexing Paw in MySims Kingdom?

Answer Want to get the perplexing paw in MySims Kingdom for the DS? Read on!

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How to Get a Perplexing Paw on My Kingdom in "The Sims"?

"MySims Kingdom" is a Nintendo game for both the Wii and the DS. One of the tasks of the DS version of the game is to create a mecha-dog for Dr. F. He will give you a list of items he needs and one... Read More »

How to Save the MySims Kingdom for the Wii Game?

"My Sims Kingdom" from 2008 is the sequel to the "My Sims" game for the Nintendo Wii. This medieval-themed game includes mini games, quests to complete, buildings to construct, treasure to find and... Read More »

Where Can You Find Magic 8-Balls on MySims Kingdom?

"MySims Kingdom" was released by Electronic Arts in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS systems. As in the original "MySims" game, essences are objects and creatures used to design new object... Read More »

How to Move on in MySims Kingdom DS if Hank Keeps Telling You to Go Away?

You go inside some house next to the beach. Inside is a fisherman named Hank who wants you to go away. How do you move on?Here's how!