How to Get the Most out of a Figure Skating Freestyle Session?

Answer A freestyle session is a figure skating practice session that is only open to figure skaters. Many figure skaters don't know how to organize freestyle session. Most skaters just go out there, finis... Read More »

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When will figure skating TV be available Having withdrawals no figure skating TV available by direct tv in Bend Oregon help help help?

The History of Figure Skating in the U.S.?

Metal blades replaced bones and antlers. Grace and choreography have overtaken what used to be a means of survival. But speed and brute strength are still some of the hallmarks of figure skating. I... Read More »

How to Do an Axel in Figure Skating?

The axel is sometimes the hardest jump for figure skaters to learn, and if you are a toe jumper, it is even harder. This article should help you either learn things, or pick up on some things you o... Read More »

How to Start Figure Skating?

Figure Skating is an amazing, beautiful sport and it is awesome that you are interested in becoming a figure skater. However, there are some steps to becoming a figure skater and you should follow ... Read More »