How to Get the Most out of Interning in Europe?

Answer The thrill of living abroad is enhanced by working there and feeling like a local in one of Europe’s top cities like Madrid or Brussels.If you want to wait in the lines at the Prado Museum or the... Read More »

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CLUB EUROPE !!Do you have to be 18 or older to enter in club europe in atlantawhat if with parents?

i think you can get into club europe at 18, but its wayyyyyyyyyyyy to crowded. u cant even dance cuz so many people are on the dance floor.your parents can't get u in the club. why would you want t... Read More »

Why is it that malaria is common in Africa but not in Europe. Cancer is common in Europe but not in Africa?

1.Cause for malaria prevalence in Africa-----------------By virtue of mosquito menace. Why cancer is uncommon, because, they live in the vicinity of nature with high immunity levels.2. Causes for C... Read More »

Is PEX used in Europe?

PEX is a type of polyethylene plumbing pipe. Europe has used PEX in hydronic, closed systems since since 1974. However, PEX is not used with chlorine and open systems in Europe.References:Plumbing ... Read More »

Is it legal to fly one way from europe to the usa?

According to the United States Department of Homeland Security, there are no restrictions on one-way flights from Europe to the United States. Fliers who purchase such a ticket may face additional ... Read More »