How to Get the Most out of Farmville Ribbons?

Answer The various ribbons you can earn while playing FarmVille can be pretty easy to overlook and take for granted. After all, you earn most of them simply by doing the things you would be doing in the g... Read More »

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How to Get the Most out of Your Farmville Neighbors?

Even if you haven't been playing FarmVille for very long, you're probably aware that having neighbors can bring you some substantial benefits. Many of these benefits are obvious, such as allowing y... Read More »

How to Get a Lot of Money on Farmville?

How to earn money on Farmville (Facebook App)

How to get xp on farmville facebook?

Plow all the space on your land, plant fast-growing seeds on each plot, and harvest them as fast as you can. Continue repeating this cycle to get plenty of xp points. Add plenty of friends too, so ... Read More »

Black cat on farmville?

My black cat is at 4%, too!I don't know what is harvested yet.They just came out today and we won't know for maybe 3-4 more days!But, I do know why your turtle disappeared!When an animal wanders on... Read More »