How to Get the Most out of Farmville Ribbons?

Answer The various ribbons you can earn while playing FarmVille can be pretty easy to overlook and take for granted. After all, you earn most of them simply by doing the things you would be doing in the g... Read More »

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How to Be the Best at Farmville?

Have you ever wondered how to be one of those people on Farmville with big, expensive Villas and cool exclusive stuff? Here is your place to find out.

How to Play Farmville?

Farmville is a virtual farming game developed by Zynga that requires making good judgment, math skills, and the desire to farm. Playing Farmville is very easy, if you know what you are doing.

Fertilizing on FARMVILLE!!!?

1. Visit a neighbors farm2. help your neighbor (Scare away Crows, Gophers, Rake Leaves, etc)3. Farmville will randomly determine whether or not you’ll receive the bags of fertilizer.a. If you did... Read More »

Black cat on farmville?

My black cat is at 4%, too!I don't know what is harvested yet.They just came out today and we won't know for maybe 3-4 more days!But, I do know why your turtle disappeared!When an animal wanders on... Read More »