How to Get the Most Sound out of Windows 7?

Answer Do you want to bring your windows 7 sound to "the max"? Read on.

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My old computer had windows 98 with a sound card. i have updated to win xp now the sound card will not work?

That's actually quite normal. Not all hardware is compatible with windows xp. The best you can to go to: the update software, and automatically install a... Read More »

How to Fix the Sound in Windows 7?

Sound problems on PCs are common, especially if you have recently upgraded hardware, software or the operating system. In Windows 7, the Control Panel is the central point for troubleshooting sound... Read More »

How can I fix the sound qualty on my windows XP?

What is Windows Sound Recorder?

Windows Sound Recorder is an audio program that allows you to easily record and save sound files on your computer. You can plug a microphone into your computer's microphone jack and record your voi... Read More »