How to Get the Most Out of Your Batteries?

Answer All Batteries are not created equal. Here are some tips to get familiar with the different types of batteries.

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How to Get the Most Run Time Out of Trolling Motor Batteries?

Run time and trolling motor batteries go hand in hand with any trolling motor. The batteries are the heart of any trolling motor application, and it goes without saying that the bigger the amperage... Read More »

Is it possible to replace rechargeable stinger flashlight batteries with regular batteries?

According to Streamlight, the manufacturer of Stinger flashlights, you cannot put regular batteries in a Stinger flashlight. Each flashlight comes with a specific type of rechargeable batteries tha... Read More »

Batteries Do duracell/energiser etc. last longer than Tesco brand batteries?

You, are correct darling,What do you need the batteries for? lol I am here sweetheart, all that you will need. :))

Does wiring batteries in series increase the watt hour capacity of the batteries?

The total amount of energy (watt hours) that your batteries can deliver remains the same no matter how you wire them to each other. Wired in series, the voltage is the sum of the individual voltage... Read More »