How to Get the Main Keyblade in "Kingdom Hearts BBS"?

Answer The main keyblade in "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep" (BBS) is the most famous keyblade of the entire franchise, the "Kingdom Key." This is a keyblade that resembles a basic key with a silver body ... Read More »

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How to Get the Best Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Getting the best keyblade in Kingdom Hearts? That's easy. Depending on which one you like, Fenrir is undoubtedly the best. Despite the Negative Combo ability being a bit of a drawback, its power is... Read More »

How to Draw a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade?

This will teach you how to draw existing Keyblades and create your own.

How to Get the Oblivion Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2?

First of all, you should have already gotten to the world that never was and have seen the fight with sora and roxas. As you progress in the world that never was you will fight Xaldin part of the o... Read More »

How to Make a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade?

You know kingdom hearts, well wanna have fun with your own keyblade. Have fun playing with your keyblade while you work. Read the tips first please.