How to Get the Last Shortening Out of a Container?

Answer Shortening in short supply, or just being savvy with the budget and considerate of food? Get the most out of that container before tossing aside the margarine, vegetable fat, beef shortening, dripp... Read More »

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What does cervix shortening mean?

Can vegetable shortening go bad?

Vegetable shortening can go bad. suggests the shelf life of unopened vegetable shortening is two years if it is stored in a dry, cool place. If opened, the shortening should be used withi... Read More »

What Is the History of Shortening?

The word "shortening" is usually used to describe vegetable shortening, a fatty compound made of refined vegetable oils. However, the term in its more general definition refers to a fat or oil empl... Read More »

What is vegetable shortening?

Vegetable shortening is a cooking fat created from vegetable fats through a process called hydrogenation. Although it does not add flavor, it adds a desirable texture to baked goods.ProcessDuring t... Read More »