How to Get the Hairstyle You Really Want?

Answer If your growing out your hair it can be difficult to avoid a few bad-hair days until you get the style you want. Have a regular trim to snip away split ends and keep your hair looking healthy. Tell... Read More »

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TH Family: I want a Bill hairstyle!?

It depends on what *you* look like! Post a pic of your self and we can judge better :-)And he looks so hot in all those pics!3 is the easiest to maintain but with white bits, like in that picture o... Read More »

I really want to talk via email to an American, I want to train my English?

If you want to talk to a railroader, you're in the right place.See the menu bar under your question? See the little "f" in the blue square? Hit it. It'll take you to FaceBook.

Deep down, don't you ever really, really want a bacon sandwich?

The only meat I want to wrap my mouth around is your lovely tail, Grottykins!

What is agood mascara if you want really really thick eyelashes?

Maybelline! I have been dying to answer a question about mascara lol! Because maybelline mascaras are amazing!!!! Try falsies it's great for thick long lashes and goes on with practically no clumps... Read More »