How to Get the Guy You Like to Talk to You?

Answer Getting the guy you like to talk to you can be very difficult if, well, you have nothing to say. So, read this article for the perfect tips and conversation pieces.

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How do you talk with your brother if he doesn't like to talk to you?

How to Talk to a Guy and Not Talk Like a Fool?

When in doubt, think it out. Act on instinct. Either one could benefit you. Remember that the first 5 seconds, that's when to make a good impression. First off.. Look confident. It'll suit you bett... Read More »

Facebook : Do you like it when strangers or people you don't talk to like your status?

Depends on how frequenty they do it once or twice cool all your or most of your post then you've got a fb stalker

Do heather and duncan like like each other cause in all the episodes they either laugh talk or hug they cuddle in number ten?

She may be the devil's child as her hair is in the shape of the devil's horns.