How to Get the Guy You Like to Notice You?

Answer This article is about how to get that cute guy you like to notice that you are into him.

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Is a preforeclosure notice& a notice of default the same thing in North Carolina?

North Carolina General Statute 45-102 provides that before any foreclosure on a primary residence can take place, the petitioner must file a "pre-foreclosure notice" at least 45 days prior to a not... Read More »

What can be done in Missouri if you have joint custody that states you have to give a two-month notice before you move and she gives you two weeks' notice that she's moving out of state with kids?

Answer It doesn't really matter where you live, the law speaks and she has no business doing this. Please seek out a lawyer and fight it. If she has to move because of a career move the odds may ... Read More »

How soon could you notice abdominal changes in early pregnancy and what would you notice?

Answer Pregnancy releases a hormone that softens your muscles for child birth the first sign you going to notice is a soft flabby stomach, or you'll look bloated.

How do boys notice me but don't notice me?

A: I have the exact same problem. The guys in my classes will acknowledge me or occaisonaly make some rude insult/joke about me but they never really notice ME. They don't really notice personality... Read More »