How to Get the Girl You Have Always Wanted?

Answer Okay so if you like this girl and you don't know what to do follow these rules and she will probably fall for you and you will get some tips about if a girl likes you or not so if you have this tro... Read More »

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How to Become the Girl You Always Wanted to Be?

Have you ever met, walked past or befriended a girl who seemed like she has it all put together?? She always seems flawless and the guys always seems to flop her way? People including you always wo... Read More »

Just wanted to say bye to all you girl!?

OMG!!!!!!! That is horrible! I want to give you a hug, I almost cried when I read this, what a horrible person! That would absolutely break my heart... I'm so sorry... =*(Good luck in your futu... Read More »

How to Adjust to Being a Girl when You've Always Wanted to Be a Guy?

Being a girl is great, but what if you really feel more like a guy? Unless you're willing to make a drastic change, here are some ways to adjust to being less than comfortable with your gender.

How to Make a Girl Feel Wanted?

Making a girl feel wanted is a great way to make her want YOU! But doing so can be tricky, and overdoing it can ruin things. Follow these steps to help you out.