How to Get the Dark Edges Around the Pictures?

Answer Dark edges around a photograph form a vignette. The term, which is French for "little vine," describes an old style of decorating the edges of a picture with a border, often adorned with vines. In ... Read More »

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How to Apply Rounded Edges to Pictures in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator supports applying rounded edges to a picture -- but not in a single step -- so there's no filter that can perform the task for you. In a few steps, however, you can create the ill... Read More »

Best lens for my Canon XSi Rebel for taking pictures at concerts/dark places?

hipp5 gave you some excellent advice!!!I'd like to add this: you have a lovely camera, it is a crying shame that you don't even understand the basics of photography.Do yourself a favor and start le... Read More »

Small problem with my Canon IXUS 115 HS, pictures are dark when shooting in bright light?

Looking at the specs, Smart Auto should be able to detect this and compensate for it.Unfortunately you haven't got any "user" exposure control in terms of being able to select the shutter speed/ape... Read More »

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