How to Get the Color Back in My Fiberglass Boat?

Answer The outer gelcoat finish on a fiberglass boat is a porous resin material that protects the hull and gives the boat its shine. Time and exposure to the elements will eventually erode the relatively ... Read More »

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How to Fiberglass a Boat?

Fiberglass is used to build boats for many reasons. Chief among these are its durability, but also its easy reparability. You can patch boat holes in an afternoon and fiberglass a boat in just a co... Read More »

How to Buff out a Fiberglass Boat?

Most boats today are made of fiberglass, which is fiber-reinforced plastic. Fiberglass is often preferred to wood for boat construction, as it is lighter, lasts longer and is easier to work with. F... Read More »

How to Camouflage a Fiberglass Boat?

Fiberglass boats that are used for hunting and fishing should match the vegetation and colors of the area. To do this, you need to paint your boat in camouflage colors using stencils. These allow y... Read More »

Can you paint a fiberglass boat?

You can paint fiberglass boats with high-quality gel coat paint, which is a type of highly pigmented resin paint. Before painting, dewax and sand your boat, and then apply a primer coat. For best r... Read More »