How to Get the Boy One Likes to Stop Fighting?

Answer OK, so you are walking down the hall and you see a super cute boy walking up to you. You gasp. It's your first day and someone wants to talk to you! What luck! Later, you find this is not the case.... Read More »

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How can we stop dog fighting for entertainment?

Dog fighting is an illegal sport where fighters train their dogs to fight and kill other dogs. The ASPCA estimates that there are tens of thousands of dog fighters in the United States.Raise Awaren... Read More »

How to Get Hamsters to Stop Fighting?

They used to get along fine! What the heck happened? Here's a how-to article on reintroducing your hamsters and getting them to stop fighting with each other.

How to Get the Boy You Like to Stop Fighting With You?

Getting a boy who always fights with you is tricky, but it can be done. Past experiences have helped me. It's sure they will be very helpful for you girls too. Nobody can guarantee he will immediat... Read More »

How to Get Your Family to Stop Fighting?