How to Get the Blade of Awe on "AQW"?

Answer "AdventureQuest Worlds" is an online role-playing game in which users interact with each other while attempting to save a virtual world. As in other role-playing games, players will seek the most p... Read More »

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How to remove a stuck Kitchenaid Food Processor Blade (blade in the 4 cup bowl)?

Actually, what you're going to have to do is find a couple of fairly large, preferably very close to the same size, screwdrivers, with which you can apply pressure equally to both sides of the bowl... Read More »

Does Blade have an acid-etched sword in the movie"Blade"?

Blade uses the Daywalker Sword--an acid-etched, silver-plated titanium sword--in the movie "Blade." The sword also has a built-in explosive that goes off any time someone other than Blade uses it.R... Read More »

Does a 5-blade ceiling fan provide more air movement than a 3-blade fan?

Which would you get......Blade or R1?

I have a 04 R1, and have ridden a friends 05 RR. These aren't exactly 07s but that's as good as I can do. If you have alot of seat time I think the R1 is probably the better choice as it can steer ... Read More »