How to Get the Black Box off of a JVC Television?

Answer Televisions of any make or model can at times experience myriad picture problems, like discoloration, pixelization, on-screen static or missing channels. Sometimes these can indicate a technical pr... Read More »

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What's the difference between black and white television and coloured television?

Black and White TV uses one color of phosphor Color uses 3 colors of phosphor.Black and White TV uses Video amplifiersColor uses Video Amplifiers, Color IF amps, Demodulators, and Color Sync circui... Read More »

Who was the first black actor on television?

Ethel Waters was the first black actor on American television. She appeared on "The Ethel Waters Show" on June 14th, 1939. It was a variety show on NBC. Ethel Waters performed a part from her hit ... Read More »

Why is there B.E.T (black entertainment television)?

Oooh, gurrrl, u gon be hearin it from the sistaz soon! You done opened yoself a can of worms.Anyway, it's because black people need a station in which to exclusively show their horrid shows. We whi... Read More »

How come it is alright to have Black Entertainment television?

Nuthin. "What can Brown do for you?" Is that okay? xDAtleast it's not "***** Entertainment Television" or the other "N" word...^ apparently you can't say *n*e*g*r*o* on Yahoo! Answers...