How to Get the Big Ol' Farm in "Zombie Farm"?

Answer "Zombie Farm" is a "freemium" game, or free-to-play management game, similar to Zynga's "Farmville" and Popcap's "Plants vs. Zombies." It was released for the iPhone and Facebook in 2010. In-game c... Read More »

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What is the zombie camera for in zombie farm?

It gets you 100 coins everyday that you take a picture, but you only get coins once a day. There are also tasks that require you to take photos to get exp

How do you get the cupid zombie in zombie farm?

Whoever said buy it at level 25 is wrong because I am at level 31 and it is still grayed out. I bought the heart gravestone and I still can't buy it. I tried combining a girl and a regular zombie a... Read More »

How do you get a zombutterfly with the zombie pot in zombie farm?

One ZomBEE + one zombotanist in zombie pot gives chance to get zombutterfly. ZomBEE + garden zombie or ZomBEE + flower zombie Probably works too.

Where is the mausoleum key in zombie farm?

You need to get three rusty pieces from loot by invading. Once you have the pieces you go to your storage and press them to make the rusty key. The you press use on the key to unlock the mauloseum.