How to Get the Best Nose Job?

Answer Rhinoplasty is a multi-million dollar business in the United States. Choosing the best surgeon will prevent you from getting botched nose jobs.

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The Best Way to Remove Ear or Nose Hair?

Men sometimes find themselves dealing with an abundance of hair in their nostrils or ears. This is due mostly to the hormonal imbalance present in their bodies; the dominant testosterone versus the... Read More »

Best cure for a blocked nose?

Vicks vapo rub or add in hot water and use as steam.

The Best Ear & Nose Hair Trimmers?

The aging process can spur unwanted hair growth in men and women. Ears and nose are two common places for aging people to acquire hair growth. A good ear and nose hair trimmer can solve this proble... Read More »

What's the best way to stop a bloody nose?

Hold the middle of your nose until bleeding stops. DO NOT tilt your head back you will end up vomiting blood. If you keep getting bloody noses I used to get them all the time go to whole foods or h... Read More »