How to Get the Best Nights Sleep?

Answer Fall asleep and feel great the next day! Sleep is something you need to do every night, and if you don't get enough, you'll end up asleep in class or at work.

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Where is the best place to position my bed, for a good nights sleep?

Close to the bathroom and away from the windows.

How do you get a decent nights sleep?

Lots of activity in the hours leading up to bed - preferably physical. Also if I have a lot on my mind, I try the mental trick of putting those problems up on a "shelf" (use your imagination). An... Read More »

How to Have a Good Nights Sleep?

Having trouble sleeping? Well, here is a quick intro to introduce yourself to a perfect sleep. Sleep is vital and having restful sleep helps your body to re-energize and heal itself while you are a... Read More »

Any tips for a good nights sleep?

dont think about it...go to bed clean and in a clean bed with all new sheets and stuff. make sure ur in a clean room wen u go to sleep. u dont to wake up in a mess.. aggrivating.